Child Guardian Services welcomes you as a member. We have received your information. In an attempt of maintaining tight security and members’ privacy, you request to join Child Guardian Services will be established after verifying the information provided. You will receive an email with login information. Please, note the membership Disclaimer below:

Child Guardian Services does not verify the information entered into this website or guardianship rights. Thus, the authorities’ requirements to show legal guardianship rights and requisite documents still stand. Child Guardian Services is ONLY to provide contact information and does not replace any legal requirements, verifications or documents. Child Guardian Services cannot guarantee or force the authorities to use this service. Child Guardian Services is ONLY a tool of communication to provide contact information, that you provide, to the authorities that choose to find such information through Child Guardian Services. Child Guardian Services does not provide any other services or guarantees. If you wish to inform the authorities in your city and county of this membership, please click on “Parent Letter to Authorities” option in the tool bar and, after filling in your information, print and mail it to the police department in your county, hospitals, Child Services, and the like.

Child Guardian Services is concerned with its members privacy. Though we do not guarantee it, we set a goal of protecting and preserving our member’s privacy and data. Before establishing a free account for the authorities, Child Guardian Services verifies the requesting party is actually a member of the authorities that may be allowed access. Even though we cannot guarantee such verification, Child Guardian Services will perform due diligence checks to protect its member’s data and privacy. By joining Child Guardian Services, you are acknowledging that Child Guardian Services cannot and does not provide any guarantees; that Child Guardian Services is merely a helpful tool in the time of need; and that Child Guardian Services does not replace or provide any legal services for proof of guardianship or any other required or legal proceedings.

if you are a member of the authorities or representing a government institution, by joining Child Guardian Services, you are agreeing to perform all and any duties and procedures and abide by all rules as required of you by law, your employer and/or by your job. Moreover, by joining, you are agreeing to treat account login information, any and all information and data available to you through Child Guardian Services as private, confidential, and protectable information that is only viewable to a person allowed to see such information under the rules and procedures described by law, your employer and/or by your job. Despite the Child Guardian Services membership, the authorities, its agents, affiliates and contract still have a duty to verify guardianship and request proper documents/information for proof.